"There will surely be a lot of good and bad things, but let’s multiply the good by twelve and divide the sad by twelve, and get through it well. Because we are Exo. Exo, let’s love ♡ !" - Suho ()

denim backpack (3color)36,000원


denim backpack (3color)

Nothing kills you like your mind
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5/∞ edits of my bias
5/edits of my bias

junmyeon + green well more like a mint ;; asked by fernie

Anonymous asked:
Happy birthday!! I hope you had a great day :3

Thank youu ^u^ ♡


Chen! Chen!

[14/07/25 TAO’S WEIBO]

I miss you all so much~ how are you guys? Seems like i haven’t done anything for a long time~ Finally i finished filming for the LOTJ show~ It was really the most memorable moment in my life. 5 days without touching the phone, do you know it felt? [sad face]. There’s no wifi in Solomon, I couldn’t repost that weibo post, sorry~ Qinghai~ let’s go together! Haha, i will let you see me without washing face and hair for 3 days 4 nights, do not hold it against me okay~

(the weibo post he mentioned is the post about a charity fund that is set up by a famous Chinese artist in which chinaline participated)

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